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Over time, girls age out of the institution in which they live or are transitioned into other homes. Emerge helps girls with this transition by providing: 1) annual reunions, 2) general support and check-ins, 3) connection to a variety of resources, 4) the opportunity to continue beading for a limited time while they transition, and 5) the opportunity to join the Emerge team through the Peer Educator Internship Program.


 Annual reunions bring alumnae together, teach new skills, and gather data and feedback. Alumnae are also invited back as speakers and have the opportunity to apply for our Peer Educator internship program. 


The Emerge Reintegration Coordinator connects alumnae a variety of resources including job connections, social service centers, scholarships, and learning opportunities.


 Regular phone calls and surveys follow our alumnae’s progress as they move into their adult lives.