The Emerge Life Skills Program

The Emerge Life Skills Program prepares girls to enter their adult lives by equipping them with critical skills for healthy and independent living. The curriculum is tailored to the unique backgrounds and needs of the young women we serve. Girls learn practical skills such as how to manage their money, interview with confidence, develop their CV, set their own goals, and handle crises if they arise. They also go through an intensive 10 week Reproductive Health course that was developed by the International Youth Foundation and adapted for the Sri Lankan context by Emerge Lanka Foundation.

Girls learn to work independently and in groups and learn to communicate through presentations, journal entries, and collaboration. They participate in a monthly speaker series that connects girls to local women with inspirational stories and to service providers and organizations that can support them.

Girls also learn to address social issues that they identify using their Community Fund, which is composed of $0.25 for every jewelry product that they make in the Beads-to-Business Program. Girls work together to identify challenges in their shelter or the outside community and vote as a group on how to spend and implement their Community Fund.


Through the Emerge Life Skills Program, each girl should be able to:

1) Take care of her physical and reproductive health

2) Manage her finances responsibly

3) Apply for a job

4) Set a vision for her adult life

5) Know how to work as a team

6) Effectively communicate ideas

7) Access emergency resources

8 ) Identify social issues and act upon them


Through a 6-month weekly workshop series, girls learn about: Goals and future planning; Job readiness; Physical and reproductive health; Money management; Crisis management; and Community development.