I love to have fun, dress up and dance; I have a heart of gold and love to help others.

During my spare time I sell cosmetic products, I also help participants in the Emerge Bead Programme to make jewelry; this makes me happy to help someone who was once in the same position I was in. I love my baby and he is the most precious gift I have, I work hard to raise him and he is the most important thing in my life.

With the money I earned from Emerge I have spent some of it educating my child, on housing, and my husband. I am saving the rest to buy a plot of land and build house, the money is in a fixed deposit to keep it safe.

I am also involved in a milk business and if ever I win a million rupees I would buy two cows and improve the business. With the balance I would expand my house and put the remaining money in a fixed deposit as per the advice the Emerge staff has given me.


*We have changed this girl’s name to protect her confidentiality