Meet The Team

Mumtaz Faleel
Country Manager

“Emerge is where we show the girls that the flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.”

Nirukshi de Lanerolle
Senior Program Officer

“Emerge is transformation, both in the lives of young women, and in my own.”

Iroshini Kalpage
Senior Program Officer

“Emerge is my only friend who makes my dreams a reality.”

Sithara Pathirana
Program Coordinator

“Emerge is trust and support.”

Uadaya Sivakumar
Lead — Finance and Operations

“Emerge is Empowering, Motivating, Encouraging, Resettling, Guiding, and Elevating teenage survivors of sexual abuse.”

Meet The Board & Advisory Board

Swasha Malalasekera
Director of Emerge Lanka Foundation

“Emerge makes the difference you want to see in the world.”

Ellen Needham
Co-Founder and Director of Emerge Lanka Foundation

“Emerge is what taught me the power of community, hope, and connection.”

Alia Whitney-Johnson
Founder of Emerge Global & Director of Emerge Lanka Foundation

“Emerge is where courageous girls dream again and create their own wings to fly.”

Zainab Anverally
Advisory Board
Kishor Hameed
Advisory Board

“Emerge is a platform for girls to emerge stronger.”

Farzana Khan
Advisory Board

“Emerge gives girls a new lease on life.”

Prakash Mirchandani
Advisory Board
Ranil Samarawickrema
Advisory Board

“Emerge is moving forward stronger.”